Importance of Accreditation

Beauty has always been driven by incredible photos, alluring imagery or that picture perfect facial or body integument…What does it take to get there? Besides the glossy brochure, the dynamic website and social media of course! It takes an ethical, independent, industry expert in education to get you there!
The first step towards climbing the career ladder in the vast field of health,
wellness, beauty technology, cosmetology and somatology is choosing the right academic institute to facilitate your career goals… Too little is said about the role of accreditation in the success of your career.
An academic institute or your education partner as we would prefer to call it must ensure that apart from a student receiving the absolutely correct skills training the student needs to be put through the process of accreditation to become an accredited therapist! Far too often we see disappointed faces coming to the office wanting to pursue further studies only to realise that their original certification was not compliant with industry standards. Always make an informed choice before picking that education ‘partner’.